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Flood Hazard Maps show information on a map about places that may be at risk from flooding. You can search for flood information in any locality and view reports, photographs, newspaper articles and other information about reported floods. Flood maps can provide useful information to planners and the public to identify areas at risk of flooding and make decisions about land use and development.

New Website

The OPW has launched a new website in May 2018 to provide access to the Plans and Maps developed by the OPW and information on flood risk management in Ireland. Through the interactive Flood Plans Viewer, users can view a summary of the flood risk management measures as set out in the Plans. The Flood Maps Viewer allows users to access flood mapping data for the areas assessed. The 29 Plans and all supporting documentation are available to download in the Publications section of this website. Users can also access key policy reports, county summaries and other useful material.

Past Flood Event information, which has been submitted to and approved by the OPW, is currently accessible on this website for events which occurred pre Autumn 2014. Information on floods that have occurred since then will be uploaded to our new website in due course.

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